6 MONTHS FREE MiTeam Meetings!

MiTeam Meetings 6 Month Free Trial and Remote Working Solutions from Mitel

MiTeam Meetings 6 Month Free Trial

Customers on the following platforms are eligible for a free 6-month trial of MiTeam Meetings:

  • MiCollab

  • MiVoice/MiCloud Business

  • MiCloud Flex

  • MiVoice Office 400

  • MiVoice 5000

  • MiVoice MXONE

  • MiVoice 250

  • MiVoice Connect

  • MOMA users on MiVoice 400

  • OfficeLink users on MiVoice 250

Offer Description

Mitel announces the availability of an introductory trial offer for new users of MiTeam Meetings. Customers who have adopted or upgraded to MiCollab 9.1 or higher can adopt MiTeam Meetings, Mitel’s new continuous collaboration video meeting application, and are eligible to trial the application free of charge for 6 months. Customers can add licenses after their initial deployment within the availability timeframe.

Following the initial trial offer, customers automatically transition to the 12-month subscription license currently on offer from Mitel, unless they previously indicate to BSB Communications that they wish to Opt Out and discontinue the trial offer. If a customer does choose to Opt Out of the trial offer, they Opt Out for all trial MiTeam Meetings licenses and services and they will discontinue at the end of the 6-month period form the date of the license adoption.

MiCollab customers can simply sign up for MiTeam Meetings and take advantage of Video Meeting capability to support remote working for 6 months on Mitel.

Product Information

MiTeam Meetings is a multi-party video solution designed for those who want to work more efficiently and enhance workplace communications with seamless transitions between voice, video, and chat capabilities to offer a true collaboration experience.

MiTeam Meetings was built to improve the meeting experience by enabling a user to start or join a Meeting from MiCollab with ease and use the tools within the application to lead productive meetings.

Key Benefits

  • Expand team interactions beyond the physical confines of your organization to include workers, partners and customer from anywhere around the globe

  • Unify disconnected communication channels with a single application to simplify collaboration

  • Reduce the operational cost incurred from managing multiple communication tools

  • Increase the value and productivity of your employee’s meetings

  • Scale up and down to fit your business needs with a dynamic cloud infrastructure

Key Features

  • MiCollab Cross Launch

  • Multi-Party Video Meeting

  • Schedule/Ad-hoc Meetings

  • Screenshare

  • Guest Lobby

  • Topic Based Chats – chat before, during, and after a meeting

  • File share

  • Hybrid Calendar Scheduling

  • PSTN Dial-In

  • One-Click Mobile Dial-In MiTeam Meetings active video session

  • 16 video/100 total participants

For customers to adopt MiTeam Meetings, they must be a MiCollab customer and they must be operating MiCollab on release 9.1 or higher. New Mitel customers can adopt MiTeam Meetings, so long as they are purchasing MiCollab as part of their initial installation.

Effective Dates

MiTeam Meetings is a currently generally available product

The 6 Month Free Trial Offer is available from March 18, 2020 to June 30, 2020

6 Month Trial Opt Out Process

Customers can Option Out (“Opt Out”) of their 6 Month Free Trial at any time within their 6 months trial period. In order to opt out you MUST contact us at

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